Lawrence Hall of Science

Photo of Lawrence Hall of Science view

A memorial to Ernest O. Lawrence, UC Berkeley’s first Nobel laureate, the Lawrence Hall of Science fosters and inspires learning of science and mathematics for all. As the university’s public science center, it provides a window into Berkeley’s cutting-edge research, exciting discoveries, and transformative innovations.

Hall programs are designed to activate youth interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning and careers; improve scientific and environmental literacy; and increase the number of underrepresented youth who pursue STEM.

By combining public engagement for youth, educators, families, and the public, with ongoing research and development, the Hall has become an international leader in improving the quality and effectiveness of STEM learning. Its programs include curriculum and instructional materials design, professional learning for educators, research on learning, and ongoing development of new ways for youth to investigate, discover, and invent. Annually, hall programs reach more than 12 million young people, hundreds of thousands of educators, and thousands of organizations — locally, nationally, and globally.

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