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The Berkeley School of Information has its roots in the School of Librarianship (later the School of Library and Information Studies), founded in 1918 as the Department of Library Science. It was reestablished in 1994 to address the new challenges of the information age.

Today, the School of Information creates knowledge and advances practice wherever people interact with information and technology. Our research explores the implications for individuals and society as information and digital technologies are increasingly embedded in all aspects of human experience. Our professional master’s degrees prepare students to design and build the systems that will shape the way humans live and interact in the future. Our research and teaching are interconnected; both are urgent, because our understanding of the consequences for individuals and society of their interactions with information and machines remains critical, contentious, and inadequate.

Achieving our research and educational mission requires the interdisciplinary collaboration of scholars with expertise in information and computer science, social sciences, the humanities, law, policy, and design.

Though the School of Information is Berkeley’s newest professional school, it carries on a 100-year tradition of educating knowledge professionals and ensuring universal access to information.

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