School of Public Health

Photo of School of Public Health students

UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health (SPH) was the first school of its kind west of the Mississippi. The case to establish it was presented to the state in 1943, and legislation AB515, which appropriated funds to create the school, was signed into law by Governor Earl Warren that same year. Today, with more than 14,500 alumni, it is a leading institution in public health education and research — consistently ranked among the nation’s top 10 schools of public health. In 2017-18, SPH enrolled approximately 1,120 students, including 425 undergraduate students. The school’s mission is to improve population health, especially for the most vulnerable, through radical collaborations, preeminent education, and transformational research on the major public health threats and opportunities of today and tomorrow. Its distinguished legacy on a campus with a strong commitment to social justice provides a unique position from which to lead change, and the faculty, students, and alumni have been defending health as a human right in our local and global communities for 75 years.

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